Chromczak Farms

Our annual Canada GAP audit and certification lets our customers and consumers know that they are getting fresh fruits and vegetables meeting the highest food safety standards in the world.   Our best management practices, procedures, training, documentation and commitment to food safety is integral to our brand, customers know they can trust that the food they are eating from our farm is the safest, freshest, most nutritious and delicious produce available. 


Our fresh green asparagus is available from May 1st to Early July, packed out in 28lb. boxes with bunches available from 1lb to 1kg.


Our seedless and seeded watermelons are available from late July until early September each season.  They are harvested, packed and shipped in 45 count, 60 count and 80 count bins that are picked today and in your grocery store the next day, for the freshest, crunchiest, sweetest watermelon you’ll have all year.